Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up

Once again, it's been longer than I would have liked since my last post.  Life has a funny way of creeping up on us, doesn't it?

Since I last posted, a new year started, winter sighed it's last frigid, icy sigh and spring has finally sprung in all of it's glory...albeit hesitant this year.  Tween Boy got another year closer to Teenhood, and sadly, Spotted Dog is no longer with us.  He got very sick, and we had a very difficult choice to make.  So, Red Dog is learning how to be a single dog again, and becoming very dependent on me for company.  Teen Boy became an Eagle Scout, and a beautiful Court of Honor was held.  Now Tween Boy is bent on becoming an Eagle Scout before his brother did.  Life goes on.

The boys are eagerly awaiting the end of the school year.  I always face the summer break with some trepidation.  I love my boys, but there are sure to be some very long days ahead filled with bickering boys, bored boys, and crabby boys.  Luckily, these days will be buffered by days filled with swimming, camping, gardening, lemonade stands, library programs, ice cream by the river, outdoor music concerts, picnics, bicycling, summer workbooks and reading lists, 4H Fair projects and the County Fair itself.

I've been enjoying working as a substitute nurse in the school district, and more recently, doing some freelance writing for an online news source.  I get to work when I want and where I want as a nurse, and I can write an article at 3 am in my pajamas if I would like...the flexibility is wonderful.  I have plans for a very large garden this year, in the hopes of putting up quite a bit of produce.  I'm also planning on canning salsas, and making lots of jams with our local berries.  I need to also decide what I'm going to enter for the Fair for myself.

I find that I am much more at peace than I have been in a long time.  I am confident in who I am, and through my couple of very, very, very part-time jobs I get a sense of fulfillment that provides balance to the SAHM part of me.  I am getting to the very center of myself, and evolving into the woman I want to be.

I guess I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer more than I realized.  Namaste.