Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Seat Swings Both Ways

Sigh.  Life with boys.  Plunged the toilet in the Master Bath twelve times, yes, TWELVE times this morning.  This is not a typo.  Pee on the seat this evening.  Unfortunately for me, I discovered this latest after I sat down (sorry…I’m all about transparency).  This is not Dad doing this.  This would be Teen Boy 2.  Dad grew up in a house on a farm with four sisters plus his mom.  Most of the time he was outside doing what needed to be done.  He knew the score.  Aim well, put the seat and lid down when you’re done, and flush.
Being a house of all boys save myself and Rabbit, this lesson has been lost, apparently.  At least on the youngest.
Part of this is my fault.  I have not wanted a tv in the living room, so the “big” tv is in our room (a smaller, less cool, less functional one is downstairs).  Teen Boy 2 is very much into video games, and this is where he plays them.  The lower level of our home (split level) is still under construction 9 years after moving in, and eventually videogame central will be down there along with a third bathroom (hence the unused, less cool tv being down there).  Until then, I guess I live with boys using my bathroom.  Unless they make a mess of things.  Then I may have to get a lock for the toilet to ensure cleanliness.

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  1. Well, if they were girls it would be sticky hair products, eye shadow crumbles and hair clogging the tub drains. :)

    My kids' bathroom is always a mess. I'm the only one who cleans it- why though I'm not sure. I never use it. But you see, it's the bathroom that guests would use and while I'm okay with subjecting the kids to their own filth, I'm embarrassed to have their friends and guests see it. So I clean the bathroom every couple weeks. And I threaten them- all it takes is the sink and toilet to be wiped down daily, and the towels and such cleaned up off the floor. I threaten them that if it doesn't stay clean I will LOCK the bathroom door and they will have to ask permission to use it. That way I can ensure that the person who leaves the bathroom, leaves it clean. I've threatened...but haven't done it. Yet.