Thursday, November 11, 2010


Teen Boy has a girlfriend.  I told him that he should just “date around” the first two years of High School.  That way, he would know what kind of girl he would like to date more seriously, and what kind he wouldn’t.  He would know how he should be treated by said girl.  He could drive himself on his own dates.  It would give me time to get used to the idea.  He didn’t listen.

It was the second month of school, and he told us that a girl, Teen Girl, had asked him to Homecoming and could he go?  My heart immediately started pounding, my knees turned to jell-o, and I thought I might throw up.  I thought I was ready for this. 

“Dating for boys is WAY different than for girls”, I thought foolishly years earlier.  “Thank goodness I have boys,” I’ve opined, “I don’t have to worry about a girl on a date.  My boys know how to treat a girl nicely and respectfully.  Any girl would be lucky to have my boys date them.  Their parents will have nothing to worry about.”  I was so naive.  Do you know what teenage girls think about teenage boys??  I do.  I was one.  And now, one wants to take my baby to Homecoming.  I am in trouble.

So, Teen Boy and Teen Girl went to Homecoming and became “a couple”.  He updated his newly acquired social networking relationship status to “in a relationship”.  I cried.  My baby was growing up.

We raised Teen Boy well, Teen Girl is very nice.  She is sweet, cute, funny, smart, and a tomboy.  She is, well, a lot like I was in High School.  Funny how that works.  So, my baby boy is dating.  Another chapter has begun.

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